Exercise – The Feel Good Factor

Research Indicates That Any Exercise Is Better Than No Exercise At All

10 Tips To Make Regular Exercise An Easy Choice For You

  1. Try to be more active throughout the day. Where possible, climb the stairs regularly, walk to more places instead of using the bus or car.
  2. Choose an activity you enjoy. It’s a good idea to try a few types of exercise. Find something that suits you and enjoy being active.
  3. All exercise is good to help you lose weight. Best for weight loss are – brisk walking, jogging/running, cycling or swimming. Remember to warm up and cool down.
  4. The length of time spent exercising is important. It takes a few minutes before fat is broken down by the body, so short bouts of exercise will not use the stored fat in your body.
  5. The longer you can exercise, the more effective your weight loss will be. To help you burn fat start at 30 minutes of continuous exercise and gradually build up to 60 minutes per session over a number of weeks.
  6. Find the time of the day/evening/week that suits you to be active. If sticking to exercise is a problem – then make it a priority. Allow time for exercise, then build it into your daily or weekly routine.
  7. Being active with a friend or friends adds more enjoyment and motivation. Try the “buddy” system, where two people promise to support and encourage each other to exercise together.
  8. Add interest to exercise by varying your walking route, timing your exercise cycle so you are home in time to watch your favourite programme or joining a fitness class.
  9. Add extra enjoyment by joining a local sports centre or a walking club that meets regularly.
  10. Set yourself realistic exercise goals and reward yourself for effort and achievement.