Cathy Breslin is responsible for the overall management and functioning of The Phoenix Medical Clinic. She prepares goals and objectives for the clinic and monitors performance. She also determines needs within the practice, solves problems as they arise and alters plans as necessary.

A large part of her work is to ensure the welfare of the staff and patients, including patient safety and care, and to make decisions geared toward the clinic’s best interests. Cathy is responsible for all aspects related to policies and procedures and statutory guidelines.

Her role includes supervising all business affairs including finance, staffing and  marketing. Keeping up to date with employment law and best practice she ensures compliance on levels. The clinic runs efficiently by keeping appropriate inventory levels and practice software.

Cathy has vast experience in management in Ireland, UK and the United States and brings a mix of skills, necessary for training and development and organisation. As everyone is busily performing their specific roles in the clinic, Cathy keeps a keen eye on the entire process and can intervene and make adjustments as needed.

Cathy is very proud to be instrumental in a highly modern, innovative and patient care orientated clinic. Decisions are evidence based and the ethos in the clinic is to strive for kindness and excellence in the care of patients and staff. All clinical staff partake in continuing professional development. Although we strive to maintain a high level of satisfaction, Cathy understands and recognises complaints happen from time to time. Please be assured that she has a sympathetic and listening ear and invites our patients to deal directly with her.

Cathy welcomes your feedback and you can email her at ***